Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group is the statutory body responsible for commissioning local health services in Ashton, Leigh and Wigan.

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Wigan is one of the largest CCGs with a population of 320,000 and is very diverse. To make sure that we are aware of the needs of all our communities and that everyone is represented, the Borough is divided in to seven areas, or to use NHS England terminology, 7 Service Delivery Footprints.   The areas, or SDFs, are based on local communities and each have a patient population of 30-50,000 patients.

In these areas, or SDFs, GP Practices to work together with the CCG to commission new and improved local health services.  They help the CCG embed their priorities within local practices, and make sure that the voices of patients, GPs and practice staff are heard by the CCG. 

The SDFs also work closely with the Healthier Wigan Partnership, an Integrated Care Organisation that brings together the CCG, Council, hospital, community and mental health services and GP practices.  Together, we all work together to improve services by better connecting them with each other and our local communities.

Each area, or SDF, has a governance structure to make sure all practices are represented.  Each SDF nominates a clinical lead to sit on the CCG Governing Body and Chair its meetings to make sure that the views of all GPs, practices and patients in Wigan are listened to.  

Some of the SDFs choose to work together across a bigger area to help them deliver services.

The areas are:

  • Abram, Hindley, Ince and Platt Bridge
  • Ashton North and South Wigan (known as SWAN)
  • Atherton, Astley, Boothstown and Tydlesley (known as TABA+)
  • Central Wigan
  • Golborne & Lowton
  • Leigh
  • North Wigan

Golborne & Lowton and Abram, Hindley, Ince and Platt Bridge somtimes work together.  Collectively they are known as LIGA.

Central Wigan and North Wigan sometimes work together too.

By working in this way, practices will be able to offer more specialist services to patients the patients in their area.  For more informaiton, please contact us.





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