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Reducing pressure on A&E: Discharging patients safely back into the community in Wigan Borough.

NHS Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group today reveals the extra steps taken across our NHS services to help prevent severe problems that put pressure on A&E.

Working together closely with our NHS and social care partners NHS Wigan Borough CCG has commissioned a range of extra measures to help patients with their safe transfer out of hospital and back home. These measures include:

  1. 40 extra step down beds in the community
  2. 7 day working for rehabilitation therapy services so it is less likely people have to be re-admitted into hospital
  3. 2 dedicated social workers to ensure safe discharge for patients from hospital back into the community
  4. 7 day working for the hospital discharge team
  5. 7 day working for the care home specialist team who monitor patients with a high risk of health problems so it is less likely they have to be re-admitted into hospital
  6. Re-ablement package that provides help at home (up to 4 home visits a day) so it is less likely they have to be re-admitted into hospital
  7. 3rd sector support: Age UK working with GPs so that older people can have daily visits, buddy systems etc. This has meant that in last 2 weeks 10 patients who would have previously been admitted into hospital are being cared for in their home.
  8. Opening of The Sanctuary, a 24 hour facility where people with mental health problems can receive assessment and help who would otherwise have gone to A&E for help.
  9. New ambulance pathfinder system that rates the best place for the patient to be transported which is not necessarily A&E. Of 95 patients who the ambulance service assessed using this system in December, only 3 went to A&E whereas in the past all 95 would have automatically ben admitted.
  10. An integrated discharge team that includes representatives from all services meets daily to monitor discharge activity so that up to date changes can be made as needed to our local health and social care systems.

Trish Anderson, Chief Officer at NHS Wigan Borough CCG said: “Wigan Borough has joined up NHS and community services that provide care for people in their own home whenever possible so they stay close to family and friends and keep their independence. Together with people choosing the most appropriate NHS service, co-operation between the health and social care services to make sure people are safe when discharged hospital helps reduce pressure on A&E and has so far helped us avoid the problems encountered in hospital A&E departments in other parts of the U.K”.



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