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Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Devolution

Devolution in Greater Manchester will allow health and social care organisations in Wigan Borough to play their part in making a bigger impact, more quickly, on the health, wealth and wellbeing of the 2.8m people who live in our city region. Health and care services will be far freer to respond to what local people want; using their experience and expertise to help change the way we spend the money.

The ground-breaking deal with the Government means all the councils and NHS in Greater Manchester will have direct control of, or influence over, the entire budget currently spent on our 2.8m people of which £6 billion is spent on the NHS and social care. Health and social care devolution is part of the wider plan to devolve a range of powers for significant areas such as transport, planning and housing to Greater Manchester.

The Greater Manchester Devolution Agreement was agreed with the Government in November 2014. In February 2015, an agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) between the Government, the Greater Manchester health bodies and local authorities and NHS England was signed with the aim of our region being given direct, local control over an estimated budget of £6 billion each year from April 2016. The MoU covers: acute care, primary care, community services, mental health services, social care and public health.

By working with the authorities in Greater Manchester; the NHS, councils, police, fire, transport, housing and others, we will put our people and our area before our organisational priorities; integrating and coordinating services in new ways to tackle some of the major health, housing, work and other challenges we face in our region.

The vision for Greater Manchester is that by 2020, the city region will have pioneered a new model for sustainable economic growth based around a more connected, talented and greener city region, where all our residents are able to contribute to and benefit from sustained prosperity and a good quality of life

To achieve these ambitions, we will move from loosely working together with other the authorities on specific projects, in particular parts of Greater Manchester, to formally collaborating to integrate and co-ordinate services in new ways to tackle some of the major health, housing, work and other challenges we face in our region

The long term ambition is to secure control of, or have influence over, all £22bn of public sector funding in GM. 

Locally, in Wigan Borough, the CCG and the Council have been working together with the health and social care providers on their Locality Plan.  We want to secure the greatest and fastest possible improvement to the health and well-being of our population. We believe that Greater Manchester Devolution offers us a unique opportunity to move further and faster on our local transformational programme of work. Our Locality Plan sets out our vision for this.  The latest draft of our Locality Plan and an executive summary can be downloaded on the below links:


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