Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group is the statutory body responsible for commissioning local health services in Ashton, Leigh and Wigan.

Contact us on 01942 482711 or public@wiganboroughccg.nhs.uk

Children’s emotional health and wellbeing is a fundamental component of our children’s services, and our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Local Transformation Plan (LTP) set out our ambition to redesign our services by 2020 to create a model for CAMHS that supports our vision by developing:

  • Integrated, place based working that is visible and active in communities;
  • linked to Schools, Early Years Settings, Start Well Centres and GPs; and
  • builds on the wider workforce capacity for the promotion of positive mental health and well-being.

Wigan’s CAMHS LTP was first published in December 2015, and since then the CCG has published an annual update on progress with the plan: 

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