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 At NHS Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), we are responsible for choosing and buying local health services to meet the needs of the 323,000 patients in the Borough, including local hospital services, GP services, community services, mental health services and more.

In Wigan Borough we have 63 GP Practices, some of which held an Alternative Provider Medical Service (APMS) contract. As these contracts were for a set length of time and had an end date we had to review them. A public consultation was held over December 2016 and January 2017 and the report can be found below. Following the consultation, our Governing Body took the decision to keep all the practices open.  A procurement process has now been completed.


Update - June 2018

Following a public consultation and a full procurement process, the 6 Alternative Provider Medical Services (APMS) GP contracts in Wigan Borough have been awarded to SSP Primary Care Health Limited.

APMS GP Contracts will continue to be delivered from these practices under the new provider:


Dr Alistair:
2 branches at:
Ashton Clinic, Queen’s Avenue
Kidglove House, Kidglove Road 

Intrahealth Atherton & Tyldesley
2 branches at:
Omerod House, Nelson Street
Tyldesley Health Centre, Poplar Street

Intrahealth Ince & Platt Bridge
2 branches at:
Claire House, Pheonix Way
Platt Bridge Health Centre, Rivington Avenue

Intrahealth Leigh Sports Village
Leigh Sports Village, Leigh

Intrahealth Marsh Green
Marsh Green Medical Practice, Harrow Road

Leigh Family Practice
3 branches at:
Bridgewater Medical Centre, Henry Street
Higher Folds, Richmond Drive
Wigan Road, Leigh 

To get to this point has taken 3 years of stakeholder engagement, options appraisal, formal consultation, and a full procurement process, which was completed in April 2018. 

The public consultation ran December 2016 – February 2017 and had over 700 responses.  These responses were taken in to account when it was decided by the CCG’s Primary Care Committee and Governing Body that all APMS practices would be re-procured with fewer contracts under a new specification.

The main change for patients will be the opening hours. The practices will now be open between the hours of 8am - 6.30pm Monday to Friday; this is a nationally mandated change. If patients require appointments in the evening or weekend they can still do so by ringing the Extended Hours Service on 01942 482848.

The 12 month procurement process was undertaken by North of England CSU who were appointed by NHS England to manage the re-procurement of all APMS contracts across the country.  The programme followed was a robust national process drawing on expertise from over 20 people, including out-of-borough GPs, subject knowledge experts from the CCG and lay representatives.

No formal challenge to the procurement was received, so we are now supporting the handover of the contracts.  The new contracts will start on the 1st August 2018.

This will be a period of change for the staff and patients at these practices and we will be supporting them throughout.


A set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) has been produced below.



The information from the consultation can be found below.


Consultation Report

Consultation Information


Consultation Questionnaire - For information only, this is what we asked

Online Questionnaire - Closed


What it means for your practice

Dr Alistair

Intrahealth Atherton and Tyldesley

Intrahealth Ince and Platt Bridge

 Intrahealth Leigh Sports Village & LSV Family Practice

Intrahealth Marsh Green

Leigh Family Practice


What the impact is on different Equality Characteristics

There are 9 protected characteristics: age, gender, sexual orientation, marraige and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, disability, religion and belief, race, and gender reassignment.

We have done a first review of the impact this work may have on people with these characteristics.  We have done more work throughout the consultation and will be updating this as a result.  If you have anything to add, please do let us know.


Useful Information

Here is some extra information


Engagement So Far

To get to this point we have undertaken stakeholder and patient engagement.  Below is feedback and information on the different engagement sessions we have held.

The following engagement sessions were different.  At these engagement sessions - 1 workshop and 2 panels - we agreed the options and criteria.



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