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Promotion of equality, valuing diversity and upholding human rights are fundamental to providing good quality healthcare, addressing health inequalities and promoting well-being.

Equality and Diversity

The advances in Equality and Human Rights Legislation have caused new and specific obligations to be placed upon public bodies, including the NHS. To accommodate the needs of the diverse community it serves, Wigan Borough CCG must ensure a high level of awareness and understanding of equality and diversity amongst its management and staff. It aims to provide healthcare services that are equitable to everyone, and are appropriate to everyone's needs.

As a Trust we deliver many of our services through other individuals or organisations, such as General Practitioners, Community Pharmacists, General Dental Practitioners and Community Optometrists. It is equally important to us that these services are equitable to everyone, and are appropriate to everyone's needs.

The Trust is committed to building a diverse workforce, which is a reflection of the communities it serves. It aims to be an organisation that people want to work for, and is seen as a leader in good employment practice locally and nationally. The aim is for all staff to realise their full potential, in an environment characterised by dignity and mutual respect.

What is Equality and Diversity?

Equality is about creating a fairer society where everyone has an equal level of opportunity to participate and to fulfill their potential as an individual member of society. Diversity is about recognising and valuing differences to be found between individuals. Diversity results from differences such as age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, racial or ethnic background, physical or mental abilities, religion or belief, social, domestic or economic circumstances. All of these factors provide different experiences, perspectives and knowledge, which in turn can be of value to other people or organisations.

What are Human Rights?
Human rights' are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world. The United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. For the first time, the Universal Declaration set out the fundamental rights and freedoms shared by all human beings. Human Rights Values : FREDA Fairness, Respect, Equality, Dignity, Autonomy.

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The above document includes all our local population statistics.





Engaging with diverse, potentially excluded & disadvantaged groups

We use a range of engagement methods to reach diverse, potentially excluded and disadvantaged groups. Please click here to visit our engagement pages where you will find more information about our engagement work. 

When the CCG introduces any new service or strategy or changes any existing service, we are required to look at how it would impact someone with a protected characteristic (listed below). Our engagement work is therefore targeted at reaching people from these groups:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender reassignment
  • Marriage & Civil partnership
  • Pregnancy and maternity
  • Race
  • Religion or belief
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation

 Locally we also look at:

  • Deprivation
  • Carers
  • Veterans

Useful Documents and Web-links 

Equality Act 2010Equality Act 2010

Human Rights 2012 Human Rights 2012



 EHRC (Equality & Human Rights Commission) : http://www.equalityhumanrights.com/

 NHS Choices Equality & Diversity : http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/thenhs/equality-and-diversity/Pages/equality-and-diversity-in-the-NHS.aspx

 NHS Information Centre Equality & Diversity : http://www.ic.nhs.uk/equality

 Race for Health : http://www.raceforhealth.org/

 Department of Health Equality & Diversity Management Resources : http://www.dh.gov.uk/en/Managingyourorganisation/Workforce/Equalityanddiversity/index.htm

 NHS Employers Equality & Diversity : http://www.nhsemployers.org/EmploymentPolicyAndPractice/EqualityAndDiversity/Pages/Home.aspx

 Home Office Equalities : http://homeoffice.gov.uk/equalities/

 UCL Institute of Health Equity : http://www.instituteofhealthequity.org/home


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