Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group is the statutory body responsible for commissioning local health services in Ashton, Leigh and Wigan.

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We've created a prospectus that tells you all about what we do. Download the prospectus to find out more or read about us below.

Who we are:

Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group is the statutory body responsible for commissioning local health services in Wigan.

This means that we have the job of assessing the health needs of the Wigan population, funding health services that meet those needs and monitoring the quality of the services that are delivered.

WBCCG is made up of all local GPs who bring their expertise, experience and local knowledge to the job of improving NHS services in Wigan.

We are:


You love the NHS, we love the NHS. We want the NHS we all love to be the best it can be and are committed to making sure that the NHS in Wigan is the best.

Committed to Improving Lives

We want you to be healthy. We want to help you stay healthy. And when you're ill, we want to help you get better by providing services that embody excellence, professionalism and high quality.


We care about you, we care about those you care about, we care about each other. All NHS health services in Wigan work as one family. When you need these services, you become part of our family and we will treat you as such, with compassion and kindness.


Everyone counts. We use our resources for the benefit of the whole community and make sure no one is excluded or left behind. We support the individual and the community. We believe that no decision should be taken about you, without you; after all, it's your healthcare.

Led by Clinicians

Doctors, nurses, clinicians are our driving force. They have the experience, they have the knowledge. The principles of the doctor's consulting room are embedded within the CCG.


Our responsibilities

We are responsible for meeting local health needs within the available budget by commissioning appropriate services, including:

  • Elective (planned) hospital care
  • Rehabilitation care
  • Urgent and emergency care (including Accident & Emergency)
  • Most community health services
  • Mental health services
  • Learning disability services


What we want to achieve:

Our Vision

WBCCG will ensure the delivery of excellent health outcomes for the population it serves in the borough of Wigan, maintaining clinical excellence and value for money.

We will do this through effective commissioning, achieving the maximum improvements possible in the health of the patients and all residents in Wigan Borough, maintaining excellent clinical performance, delivering value for money, and providing clinical leadership and engagement with the public and member practices.

We are:

  • Focusing on improving health outcomes for everyone within the borough.
  • Maintaining a bottom up approach to commissioning.
  • Building strong partnerships across the local health and social care system with a commitment to working with other health commissioners.
  • Building strong relationships with our patients.
  • Developing integrated commissioning and service provision.
  • Delivering a balanced and sustainable budget.
  • Responding and adapting to the changing local and national agendas.

Our Corporate Objectives

We have five corporate objectives.  All the work that the CCG does must seek to contribute to us achieving at least one of the objectives.  They are:

  1. Supporting our population to stay healthy and live longer in all areas of the Borough while working to address areas of inequality and variation
  2. Commissioning high quality services which reflect the population’s needs, delivering good clinical outcomes, and patient experience within the resources allocated and available to the Borough.
  3. Functioning as part of an effective commissioning organisation that puts patients first.
  4. Developing a collaborative and integrated system with partners and stakeholders to implement the outcomes of the Greater Manchester Commissioning Review in order to improve the health and care of the borough’s citizens.
  5. Functioning as an organisation that consistently delivers its statutory duties and participates fully in the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership.


It's Your health service

We are also committed to working with the people of Wigan borough. We want to know what you want from your health services. We want you to be involved in decisions we take. We want 'no decision about me, without me' to become the way we routinely work.

There are lots of ways you can become involved, including joining your local GP Practice Patient Participation Group (PPG). We actively engage with all PPGs in Wigan. This includes listening and asking questions. PPGs help us understand what patients need, want and think about services, from broad topics like quality, to specific issues like A&E attendance or how we treat conditions like asthma.

To join your local PPG and start having your voice heard, speak to the Practice Manager at your GP surgery.

There are other ways to engage. You might want to:

  • Attend our monthly Board Meetings (questions are taken in advance)
  • Follow us on Twitter @WiganBoroughCCG
  • 'Like' us on Facebook
  • Email us via our website or on public@wiganboroughccg.nhs.uk
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