Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group is the statutory body responsible for commissioning local health services in Ashton, Leigh and Wigan.

We work closely with our patient groups and spend time out in the community talking to the public.  Here you can find out more about some of this work and where it is up to.

Annual Engagement Report

Each year we produce a patient and public engagement report that outlines what we have achieved in that year.


Ongoing Engagement Work

For information on specific pieces of engagement work, please see the reports below.  Some projects have specific webpages with more detail - these are highlighted below.  There is also more information on our Patient Participation Group page about the work we do with PPGs and GP practices.

End of Life Strategy

We recently spoke to local residents about end of life services to help inform the development of a Wigan Borough End of Life Strategy. Please click on the report below to see what people told us. 

The End of Life Strategy is being written at the moment.

Orrell and Billinge Engagement Work

Earlier this year we undertook some engagement work in Orrell and Billinge to find out what local residents think of services. Please click on the report below to see what people told us. 

Outpatient Services Review and Redesigns

With the local hospital provider, we are reviewing some of our outpatient services - one at a time.  Below are reports on some of the key engagement activitis done so far.

APMS (Alternative Provider Medical Services) Consultation

We have 7 GP contracts covering 11 locations in the Borough that are on an APMS contract.  This is a different type of contract to the normal GP contract and we legally have to review them after an agreed period of time.  In December 2016 we held a consultation on the future of the 7 contracts.  There is more information on the APMS webpage, but below is the final consultation report and Equality Impact Assessment.

Locality Plan Equality Impact Assessment

During the spring and summer of 2016, with our partners we underwent an involved process to understand the impact that the Wigan Borough Locality Plan might have on the 9 protected characteristics groups, plus those in deprived areas, carers and veterans.  The current version of the Locality Plan EIA is below.  More work is being done with maternity groups and carer groups to add to this.  To find out more about the locality plan, visit our GM Devolution page.

Older You Consultation

In the Summer and Autumn of 2015, we held a consultation and stakeholder sessions to help us redesign services for people aged 55 and above.  There is more information on the Older You webpage, but below is the final consultation report.

Contributing to the CCG Commissioning Strategy

We think that everyone in our Borough should get the best quality health and social care services possible and we know that this doesn’t always happen.  Our NHS was planned in the 1950s.  We need to redesign it around the needs and lives of people today.  We must work together with our partners and our residents to do this.  During this engagement activity we spoke to local people about what was important to them and what they felt needed to change.

Integrated Care

We asked patients and the public what good quality joined-up care means to them.

Primary Care Access & Transformation

The CCG has been worked with GP Practices and patients to consider how local GP services can better meet changing public needs.



One of the service redesigns the CCG worked on is Diabetes.  Patients who use the services worked closely with us to ensure we changed services in the right way.

Mental Health

How we can better help our patients with mental health needs is regularly under review.  Working with a patient reference group, a new joint Mental Health Strategy was developed in Summer 2014.  



One of the service redesigns the CCG has been working on is Dermatology.  This piece of work is ongoing and patients who use the services are working with us to help us make the right choices.

Out of Hours

Out of Hours GP services were under review in the summer of 2014.  A brief report on feedback can be found below.  

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