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End of Life Strategy


What happened?

Wigan Borough CCG has recently led on the development of and End of Life Strategy for the Borough (2018 - 2023). The strategy covers all ages, causes of death and services. It was really important to get patients, residents and staff involved in sharing their views and wishes around end of life  to make sure the strategy is fit for purpose and reflects what local people want. We got people involved in the following ways:

  • We worked with 3 patient representatives who shared their own experiences and helped us to design the public engagement programme
  • We collected 3 patient stories which can be found in the strategy
  • We held a workshop with Wigan CCG Patients Forum
  • We asked members of the public to complete a survey
  • We asked staff within different services to complete a survey
  • We commissioned Healthwatch Wigan and Leigh to undertake 7 discussions with seldom heard groups in the community
  • We held 3 staff workshops

The following report summarises all the engagement that we carried out and what people told us:

When we reviewed the feedback we had got, we had a number of groups that we wanted more feedback from.  We commissioned Healthwatch to help us out with this, and they targeted young people, men and carers to help us get a better understanding of their needs.

The engagement report from Healthwatch Wigan and Leigh explains what they found:

After this, we still had a lack of input from some religions.  Different religions have different customs around end of life and death, so it was important that this was picked up.  The project lead went out of Borough to speak to religious leaders such as an Iman and a Rabbi.

The Equality Impact Assessment picks up all the key points from the different groups:

What difference did people make?

The information and feedback from patients, residents and staff helped to shape the 6 priority areas within the strategy. The 6 areas are:

  1. Advance Care Planning
  2. Robust processes to communicate and share information
  3. Easy access to services to support preferred place of death
  4. Aligning children and adult services
  5. Joined up approach to spiritual and faith support
  6. Peer support and education for communities and the workforce

Lots of people told us they didn't know what 'Advance Care Planning' is or when it should be done and how. One of the biggest concerns from people was to have their wishes respected regarding where they want to die and to have their pain controlled. Being able to access faith and spirituality support was also important to patients and residents who responded.

There was lots of feedback around the fact that end of life is quite a taboo subject and some people don't really like to talk about it. People would like to see an effort made to get more people talking about end of life and planning in advance.  Lots of people we spoke to also didn't know where they could go for more information if they needed it.

Feedback from staff indicated that there could be better communication and coordination between all the different services that look after someone nearing the end of life. The need for better education and training for staff across different services was also highlighted.

We believe the 6 priority areas listed above encompass all the different elements that are important to patients, residents and staff.

The following 'You Said, We Listened' document goes into more detail about how the feedback from the engagement work has helped to shape the strategy:


What's next?

The End of Life Strategy (2018 - 2023) has now been launched and can be found on Our Strategies & Plans web page. Following feedback from residents, we produced a shorter public friendly version of the strategy which is available below:

The strategy is now being implemented. We will be looking for people to get involved in the different areas of the strategy so please keep an eye out on our We Need Your Help page for any opportunities that come up.

In the meantime, if you experiences, ideas or suggestions about end of life services that you would like to share with us please get in touch on 01942 482711 or shapeyournhs@wiganboroughccg.nhs.uk


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