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Section 75 Commissioning Arrangements 


What happened?

Between 5th October & 4th November 2018 the CCG ran a consultation about future commissioning arrangements.

With Wigan Council, we are changing the way we commission local health and care services.  We are working together and will begin to commission local services as if we are one organisation.

We are working closer together and bringing together the commissioning of the different services to make the process more efficient and effective.  This will also make it simpler for the local health and care services we commission.

This is a long standing commitment of CCG and Council to improve the way we commission local services and is set out in the Wigan Locality plan (2015-2020)

The voice of local people has been integral to the development of the Wigan Locality Plan.  This includes:

  • 3 months of engagement on integrated care to help us develop the locality plan (spring 2014)
  • 4 months of engagement for an Equalities Impact Assessment on the Locality Plan (Spring 2016)
  • The establishment of a Wigan Borough Engagement Group to work with us involving local people in the delivery of the Locality Plan (2016)
  • 3 months of engagements on the development of the Healthier Wigan Partnership (our Local Care Organisation) and the next phase of the Locality Plan (summer 2017)
  • Specific engagement with the CCG’s patient engagement groups on the development of the Strategic Commissioning Function
  • Consultation and engagement on specific projects within the Locality Plan, for example, Start Well, Urgent Primary Care and Share to Care.

These conversations and the engagement with local residents have highlighted the challenges that local people face when they need help from more than one service, for example from a health visitor and a social worker.  Often services struggle to work together and people can feel lost in the system. 

Bringing commissioning together is an important step in overcoming these challenges and delivering the improvements residents have asked for.

To do this in Wigan, we have set up a Joint Commissioning Committee that brings together members of our decision-making bodies, the Council’s Cabinet and the CCG’s Governing Body.  This is a development of existing strong working relationships and both decision-making bodies retain responsibility for their statutory duties.

Until April 2019, the Joint Commissioning Committee will meet in “shadow” which means that they are not making any final decisions, but are working through the best way to make the Committee work. 

In order to deliver the work of the Joint Commissioning Committee, a mechanism is needed to allow for:

  • Pooling budgets
  • Lead commissioner arrangements
  • Delegating commissioning powers

Our preferred way to deliver this is to extend our existing arrangements under, Section 75 of the National Health Service Act 2006.

The purpose of the consultation was to:

  • Seek feedback on our proposal to extend our Section 75 arrangements and understand any impact it may have; and,
  • Find out if there are any further alternatives to the use of Section 75 arrangements that we should consider.

For information the consultation document is below:


What difference did people make?

The consultation closed on 4th November 2018. The consultation outcome report is below:

No respondents raised any objections to the proposal and no respondents suggested any alternative proposal. This report will now be considered by the Joint Commissioning Committee, CCGs Governing Body and Council Cabinet who will consider the responses to the consultation when deciding on whether to proceed with the suggested way of commissioning in the future.


What’s next?

There are no plans for further consultation work around this area. Our "We need your help" page lists the different areas the CCG needs input with.


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