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The Deal 2030 - Engagement Work


What happened?

In November 2018 we supported Wigan Council’s programme of engagement work to develop The Deal 2030.

This engagement work wasn’t health specific; we asked people what they thought of their neighbourhood and what they wanted the Borough to be like in 2030.

We visited 8 health centres, covering a number GP practices and community services, including:

  • Atherton Health Centre – 3 GP Practices
  • Beech Hill Medical Practice , Wigan– 1 GP Practice
  • Bradshaw Medical Centre, Orrell – 1 GP Practice and Community Services
  • Golborne Health Centre – 4 GP Practices
  • Pemberton Surgery – 1 GP Practice
  • Platt Bridge Health Centre – 3 GP Practices
  • Standish Medical Centre – 1 GP Practice
  • Tyldesley Health Centre – 1 GP Practice and Community Services

The information we gathered from residents was shared with Wigan Council to take into account when writing The Deal 2030.

On 22nd July 2019 The Deal 2030 was officially launched! From improving the borough’s town centres to making sure people are healthy; children having the best start in life to the environment being litter-free, the strategy sets out 10 ambitious goals for the borough.

The 10 priorities for Deal 2030 are:

  • Best start in Life for children and young people
  • Happy Healthy People
  • Communities that Care
  • Vibrant town centres
  • An environment to be proud of
  • Embracing culture, heritage and sport
  • Economic growth that benefits everyone
  • A well connected place
  • Confidently digital
  • A home for all


Click here to read a copy of the Deal 2030.

You can also find more information about the overall programme of engagement by clicking here.


More information about the wider programme of engagement can be found on Wigan Council’s website by clicking here.


What difference did people make?

The following paper gives a full overview of our engagement work:

Some of the key things that people told us were important to them were:

  • Cleanliness and the local environment
  • Anti-social behaviour and community policing
  • Public transport
  • Cars and parking
  • Facilities for young people
  • Housing and supporting facilities
  • Town Centres and borough cohesiveness
  • Health and wellbeing

The paper above gives some more detail around these.


What’s next?

 The Deal 2030 is currently being developed and it will incorporate all of the things people said was important. We will update this page with more information once The Deal 2030 has been launched!


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