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Healthier Wigan Partnership - Integrated Care


What happened?

The CCG has been talking to residents about integrating services since 2014. During the CCGs ‘Big Conversation’ engagement we asked local residents what good, joined up, services would like. This gave the CCG a number of priorities to work on.

Things have progressed and the NHS, Council and other partners in Wigan Borough are working together in the Healthier Wigan Partnership to make health and social care services better for you and your family.

During summer 2017 we undertook engagement work to introduce the Healthier Wigan Partnership and to get feedback against the following 3 questions:

  1. What are the most important things we (the Healthier Wigan Partnership) need to consider when we choose the location of a service?
  2. What types of services would residents like to be able to access closer to home?
  3. How can we (the Healthier Wigan Partnership) support people to take better care of their health and wellbeing?

We got over 3200 contacts during this engagement work!


What difference did people make?

The reports from our 2014 work can be found below:


This work in 2014 helped to identify a number of priority areas that have formed the basis of what the CCG and partner organisations are working on. The Priority areas were:

  1. I want to be able to get the help I need easily at any time, day or night
  2. I want to be treated by professionals who care about me
  3. I should only have to tell my story once
  4. I need to be supported to stay independent
  5. Doctors and professionals should be open and explain things in a way I can understand
  6. I should be able to get an appointment with a doctor in a reasonable amount of time
  7. I want more education to help me manage my own care properly and keep myself well
  8. My family and/or carers should be listened to more
  9. When I am discharged, I want the things I need to be ready for me
  10. Mental health should be seen as being just as important as physical health


The engagement report and a “You Said, We Listened” from our engagement work in 2017 can be found below:


We have had a look back to see how far we have come in addressing the 10 priority areas listed above. Click below to see the report:

The report shows that lots of progress has been made since 2014 to implement the 10 priorities of local people listed above.


What’s next?

At the moment, The Healthier Wigan Partnership are looking for people with COPD to get involved in redesigning COPD services/support. Click here for more information.


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