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APMS (Alternative Provider Medical Services) Consultation


What happened?

We have a number of GP practices in Wigan Borough that are on an APMS contract. This is a different type of contract that is time limited and when coming to an end the CCG is legally obliged to review it. In 2016 / 2017 the CCG undertook engagement work, followed by a formal consultation, on the future of 7 APMS contracts in the Borough.

The engagement work and consultation activities included:

  • Posters and information in each APMS practice
  • Engagement sessions in the waiting rooms of the APMS practices
  • Public meetings and Q&A sessions in each local area near the practices
  • Offer to visit all Patient Participation Groups (3 visited during consultation)
  • Engagement with Locality Patient Participation Groups
  • Documents and surveys available and distributed widely within each APMS practice


What difference did people make?

A copy of the APMS Consultation Outcome Report and the Equality Impact Assessment can be found below:


The overall sentiment from patients was that they strongly valued their GP practices and wanted to be able to access services in the same place. It also became apparent that there was some difference between the practices in what services they offered and opening times.

The CCGs Governing Body made the decision to keep all practices open so that patients would still be able to access services in the same place. In line with national guidance, the decision was made to bring the service and opening times in line with the other 55 practices in the Borough to ensure equity of access for all patients.

We have produced a "You Said, We Listened" document which is below:


What’s next?

Following a full procurement process, SSP Primary Care Health Limited was awarded the APMS contracts in March 2018. The engagement and consultation work around this has now been completed.

Click here to find more information on the APMS section of our website.



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