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Annual General Meeting - September 2017


What happened?

On 13 – 15 September 2017 the CCG took over stalls on Leigh Market to hold our Annual General Meeting. The formal Annual General Meeting was held on the morning of the 13th September 2017. Over the course of the 3 days the CCG engaged with local residents by:

  • Talking to people and gathering feedback about services
  • Asking people to complete a survey
  • Asking people to tell us what they want services to be like in the future by making a ‘wish’ on our wish tree
  • Hosting a number of local voluntary organisations to chat to local people
  • Encouraging residents to do their part in reducing Medicines Waste
  • Signing people up to our Shape Your NHS community


What difference did people make?

This following report summarises the feedback and comments from the 3 days in Leigh Market:

The main themes arising and what we did are:

  1. Mental Health

People were concerned about the accessibility of mental health services and whether enough focus is being given to services.

This feedback was shared with the lead commissioner for Mental Health to take into account when the CCGs Mental Health Strategy was refreshed.

Over in Leigh, mental health is being looked at as a priority area by local GPs. They have been able to improve access to mental health services by working with North West Boroughs NHS Foundation Trust to set up a clinic over in Leigh.

Health and public service providers, via The Healthier Wigan Partnership, are also starting to look at how they can deliver services more locally in each part of the Borough so that patients have easier access to mental health services.

  1. Self-Care and Self-Management

People wanted the CCG to focus on helping people to stay healthy or to manage their Long Term Condition.

This is a priority area being looked at by The Healthier Wigan Partnership. Some GP practices in the Borough have started to test group based consultations, led by Practice Nurses and connecting into wider community based support. These are structured programmes that support people in managing their conditions, offer advice, education and peer support.

We will be doing more engagement work around this area in 2018, please keep an eye out on the "We Need Your Help" page.

  1. Service integration

People told us that they were in support of services working more closely together to reduce duplication and to make it easier to navigate the system. The Healthier Wigan Partnership is working on this.

  1. Primary Care

The feedback from patients suggested that it was easier to get appointments at some practices than others. This information was feedback to the CCGs Primary Care Team and there is ongoing engagement work around access to Primary Care.


What’s next?

The CCG holds an AGM every year which local residents are welcome to attend.

Keep an eye out on our "We need your help" page as we will be doing more engagement work soon around:

  • Self- Care and Self-Management
  • Primary Care


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