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Primary Care Access and Transformation (Incl. Urgent Primary Care)


What happened?

For the past few years the CCG has been working with GP Practices and patients to consider how local GP services can better meet changing public needs.

We have undertaken a number of engagement programmes over the past few years on this topic.

Engagement activities have included:

  • Speaking to local residents about primary care during the CCGs ‘Big Conversation’ work in 2014
  • Commissioning market research around the public’s views on extended hours access in 2015
  • An engagement session for local Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) in 2017
  • Setting up a patient reference group in 2018 to work with the CCG around this service design


What difference did people make?


The engagement work in 2014 helped to shape the CCGs Primary Care Strategy. Below you will find a “You Said, We Listened” document and a copy of the strategy:


In 2015 the CCG also commissioned Vision One to undertake some market research to understand the views of the local population in terms access to GP services. A copy of report is below:

Following this, the CCG successfully implemented an Extended Hours GP service that is delivered from 7 locations across the Borough. Click here to go to the service website.

If you want an appointment with a local GP between 6.30pm and 8pm on a week day or 10am and 4pm on the weekend, any patient registered with a Wigan Borough GP Practice can call 01942 482848 to book an appointment at one of the 7 locations.

2017 / 2018

In response to NHS England mandating that every area sets up GP triaging in A&E and an Urgent Treatment Centre, the CCG is reviewing local urgent primary care services again.

On 7th September 2017 we held an engagement event with local Patient Participation Group (PPG) members around urgent primary care services. The feedback is summarised in the report below:

We have now set up a Patient Reference Group to work alongside us on the review of Urgent Primary Care and the introduction of the Urgent Treatment Centre. 

Members of the Patient Reference Group have given us their feedback and views on how the services currently work and how they could work better in the future. Some of the feedback so far has been about how confusing the current provision of services is and how people can know when services are open and how to access them. The Patient Reference Group is now helping us to plan the wider engagement work around this service review.

We will post any further engagement reports and “You Said, We Listened” documents on this page in due course. The engagement work around this is ongoing.


What’s next?

Further opportunities to get involved in this work will be coming up. Please keep an eye out on the CCGs “We need your help” page or sign up to our Shape Your NHS Community.


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