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Dr Tun & Partners - Hindley Green branch closure


What happened?

At the end of 2017 we supported Dr Tun & Partners to consult with patients on a proposal to close their branch surgery in Hindley Green.

The practice in Hindley Green was the branch surgery to the main practice in Hindley Health Centre on Liverpool Road. Patients could attend either practice as required but less services were offered in Hindley Green.

There were a number of reasons Dr Tun & Partners were looking at whether they could close the branch in Hindley Green, including:

  • Disrepair of the building
  • Concerns about disabled access to the building
  • The services they were able to deliver in the building
  • Lack of parking around the building
  • Concerns about lone working of administrative staff at the building
  • Concerns about not being able to use more space in the building, including the upstairs
  • Concerns about risks to patient data when transferred records between sites.

The consultation was led by Dr Tun & Partners with the Engagement Team at the CCG providing support around the consultation process and offering some administrative support.

We got people involved by:

  • Being able to complete a survey and consultation document (available in paper and online and easy read)
  • Contacting all local stakeholders, including other GP practices, Dentists, Pharmacies and Community Group inviting them to take part.
  • Meeting with the Patient Participation Group several times, the Hindley Green Residents Association and the local councillor.

The consultation took place between 6th November 2017 – 18th December 2017 and a total of 245 contacts were recorded. Dr Tun & Partners practice list size is 8200 patients, with 1500 of the patients living in Hindley Green, to put the number of contacts into perspective.  A decision was taken by our Primary Care Committee in September 2018.  


What difference did people make?

You can read a copy of the consultation outcome report below:

Some of the patients in Hindley Green did express concern about the plan to close the branch surgery. The concern tended to be from patients who said it would be more difficult for them to get to the Hindley Health Centre on Liverpool Road for a number of reasons. There were also some concerns raised about the lack of public services available in Hindley Green.

There were other stakeholders, such as the Patient Participation Group who supported the closure of the Hindley Green branch. They understood the concerns about keeping it open and the opportunities that might arise from bring all resources together in Hindley Health Centre.

Dr Tun & Partners carefully weighed up the feedback from the consultation against the potential risks and benefits and they decided to continue with an application to close the branch surgery in Hindley Green.

As part of the application process Dr Tun & Partners had to outline how they would be able to address the concerns raised by patients. To mitigate some of the concerns the practice proposed to:

  • Offer more home visits
  • Offer more appointments
  • Explore opportunities to improve facilities in Hindley Health Centre, including parking.

Dr Tun & Partners said they would work with any individuals who had concerns or problems accessing services to see what they could put in place.


What’s next?

Dr Tun & Partners applied to close the branch surgery in Hindley Green.

This matter was considered by the CCGs Primary Care Committee which is a public meeting. Members of the Patient Participation Group took the opportunity to attend and were invited to comment; the PPG supported the practice application to close.

The Primary Care Committee approved the closure and this took place in September 2018.

Patients registered with Dr Tun & Partners now access services from Hindley Green Health Centre.

If you are a patient at Dr Tun & Partners and have any feedback about the services please let us know!

Email - shapeyournhs@wiganboroughccg.nhs.uk

Call - 01942 482711


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