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Digital Health Services

What happened:

Between 27th May and 5th July 2019 we talked to patients and residents about digital health services.

The NHS and Wigan Council are working together to offer more digital health services in the borough. Digital health services are those you access via the internet or an electronic network. The following information sheet gives more information:

Are you interested in digital health services? - patient info sheet

The purpose of our engagement work was to find out:

  • What kind of technology and access you have to use digital services
  • What kind of digital services you already use
  • What kind of digital health services you would be willing to use
  • If you have any concerns about digital health services
  • Whether there are any groups or individuals who might need further support or help with digital health services 

We got people involved by:

  • Producing a survey that was available online and taken out into the community
  • Gathering feedback via our network of patient groups
  • Visiting different voluntary sector groups such as Think Ahead Stroke, Wigan & Leigh People First and the Carers Centre
  • Holding workshops and meetings
  • Meeting with our Equalities Reference Group to look at the services from an equalities perspective

Our survey was produced in easy read to make it as accessible as possible.

What difference did people make?

A copy of the engagement report is available below:

We are currently considering the report and what local people told us they wanted from digital health services. Around November 2019 time we will post some more feedback here to update on the progress we make.

Keep an eye out here for our “You Said, We Listened” document.

Different formats:

If you would like help understanding this information, or need it in a different format (large print, easy read or braille, for example) please call us on 01942 482711 or email us at shapeyournhs@wiganboroughccg.nhs.uk.



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